What I think about non-Spanish speakers saying “hola”

Explained by the most interesting man in the world.

 Unless our whole conversation is going to be in Spanish, don’t lead off with “HOLA.”

Truer words have never been spoken. I hate it when people who don’t speak Spanish use words like “hola” and “amigo” indiscriminately. I find it offensive, unnecessary, and makes them look dumb because they can’t even pronounce them. It’s just as bad as assuming you can translate every word into Spanish by adding an “O” to the end, or that all Latinos don’t speak English.

Every time I hear people using words in Spanish that they don’t even know what they mean I feel like strangling them, I seriously do.

So, unless you actually want to engage into a conversation in Spanish you may want to keep the random words you can’t even pronounce to yourselves.


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