Didn’t get that overpriced thing you wanted for Christmas?

This guy wanted a simple thing and didn’t get what he wanted either.


I was going to update the site on Christmas day, but I go an arrow to the knee.

Apparently a ton of people decided to act like little bitches because they didn’t get their overpriced Apple product, or a car for Christmas.

I got clothes and a Gundam 00 model kit and I love it.  At my age I’d rather get clothes than electronics, those I can get myself. Why would I want to get an iPhone for Christmas? Even worse, why complain about not getting an iPhone in a specific color? Has everybody gone mad? Has everybody forgotten there are cellphone cases and skins? It seems the more we advance in the electronics area the more retarded people get.

To all the whiners who don’t even pay for their own line, if your parents didn’t or couldn’t get you the upgrades you wanted, go find a job and get them yourself. I got my first cellphone when I was 19 years old, and I was working at a movie theater at the time…

What these rich morons need is a good beating to get some sense into their retarded skulls.

If you excuse me I’ll be busy putting that Gundam model together, these model kits don’t build themselves.


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