Every Ray William Johnson video in a nutshell

This animation titled “VIRAL VIDEO COMMENTARY” does a perfect job expressing what he does without actually saying a word or mentioning his name.



The animation does an amazing job at making fun of what he does without ever saying his name, and I seriously am amazed his videos still get more than 1million views.

Because of this video I had to go and check one of his most recent videos, and I found what’s probably one of the most retarded statements coming from someone who does commentaries on viral stuff. Apparently he has no idea the “I used to do [X], then I took an arrow to the knee” fad is from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

It’s actually “I used to be [X], then I took an arrow IN  the knee,” but everybody seems to be stuck on saying “to the knee,” so why check grammar on an internet meme? If you don’t know how that started then it’s time for you to Google it, or check this entry on memebase.

Anyway, check the first 15 seconds of this video, and then jump to 3:30 where he does his version again. Seriously, you have to at least know what’s going on around the internet before you jump into talking about viral stuff that happens on the internet.


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