Here’s your gawddamn package, Marry f*cking Christmas.

Just a FedEx guy throwing a computer monitor over a fence. If you haven’t seen this video by now, where the hell have you been?


The guy who ordered the monitor was at home at the time of this incident with the front door wide open, all the FedEx guy had to do was ring on the bell at the gate. The monitor had to be returned because it’s broken.

What did we learn here? Delivery guys should be more careful and less lazy while handling packages, you never know when you’ll find houses with security cameras installed.

I understand the guy was tired and probably had still many deliveries to do, after all this is the busiest season for all parcel companies, but if you’re getting paid for that you might as well do your job right. I’m pretty sure the guy was fired when the video went viral.

Not every delivery person does this, but sadly more than half of them do regardless of who they work for.

FedEx apologized and stuff, but I don’t think firing the guy helps their company, they’re going to have to take measures so this doesn’t happen again.

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