Sharing trends in 2011 according to AddThis [infographic]

AddThis is one of the the world’s largest content sharing platform. They decided to takeĀ a look back at the most shared stories this year, and came up with this awesome infographic for 2011.

“73% of the top shares were related to death and disaster,” figures, we really are morbid creatures…

It’s also hard to believe the royal wedding and Steve Jobs’ death were shared and talked about much more than the destructive series of earthquakes and the massive tsunami in Japan.

It’s interesting how Google+ is dropping in popularity, even though they claim it’s still on the rise compared to other social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter. I guess the number of shares on the +1 button speak for themselves.

I also would like to take this opportunity to ask why people decided to add the AddThis and similar share services to the list of services blocked by Addblock and similar browser add-ons. I really don’t see the problem with them, if you don’t use them that’s fine, but why block them?


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