The 1980s Film Alphabet

Can you identify them all?

If you didn’t get them all here’s the list thanks to the guys at imgur.

A – Airplane
B – Back to the Future
c – Coming to America
D – Dirty Dancing
E – E.T.
F – Flight of the Navigator
G – Ghostbusters
H – Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
I – Indiana Jones
J – Jumping Jack Flash
K – Karate Kid
L – Labyrinth
M – Mannequin
N – Nightmare on Elm Street
O – Octopussy
P – Princess Bride
Q – Q (The winged serpent)
R – Rambo
S – Short Circuit
T – Teen Wolf
U – Untouchables
V – Vice Versa
W – Weird Science
X – Xanadu
Y – Youngblood
Z – Zelig


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