The Simpsons family Christmas photos from the “Holidays of Future Passed” special

A couple of days ago the Simpsons had their 4th Christmas-themed special ever,  “Holidays of Future Passed,” and it had set of family photographs Marge took over the years from the present to the future.

This kind of brought a tear to my eyes, it was just beautiful. This is what I wanted to see when I was still hooked on the show, the family finally growing older and not being stuck in the same age forever!

The episode was alright, but I just couldn’t believe Bart and Lisa had the same voices even as adults, and Maggie still doesn’t talk….

I found funny how Lisa shows up with a girlfriend in one picture, and the next year’s pictures with two girlfriends, I guess she liked exploring her sexuality a lot.

Then the inconceivable happened! Milhouse managed to get out of the friend-zone, married Lisa, and knocked her up! Epic friend-zone escape is epic!

Anyway, it was nice to see them all grown up, I wish the show would move on, it’s not funny to see them stuck in the same thing forever, hell, I still remember when they came out back in ’89 or something like that and they are still the same age!

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