So a guy goes into a coffee shop…

And pulls out an Apple iMac…

I know this is not the first time we see a person using a desktop computer in a public place, but come on!

I know people enjoy exhibiting their Apple notebooks at coffee shops and other public places even when they’re not using them for anything useful, but why would you carry an iMac inside its original packaging wherever you go?

I have two theories:

  1. The guy’s unemployed and living in his car, this is the only way he can use the internet
  2. Hipster level: 9001

If it is the first one, wouldn’t it make more sense to sell the iMac and get a Macbook? I don’t know, I always had this theory that laptops, notebooks, and netbooks are for mobile usage, but what do I know, I’m just a blog entry.

You know what? I want in on the action too, so why don’t I go to a coffee shop with one of these portable desks and set up my whole office in a corner of the shop? It will be fun until I get arrested.


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