2 weeks since the last entry? D:

I’m not dead, but a lot of things happened that kept me from posting anything at all.

First of all, I’ve been having trouble with the hosting, for 2 days I couldn’t even access the admin panel, everything was loading so slowly if it loaded at all. Other times I got a blank screen, or a timeout message.

Then, my birthday was on the 19th. I didn’t have a huge celebration, but I spent my time doing absolutely nothing useful to humanity. It was alright, I got 2 pairs of shoes and cash, which is absolutely acceptable and I encourage people to give me clothing articles and cash. I got my shoes from a store called Rockport, and not only are they pretty light and comfortable, they were pretty affordable. Considering the proximity of the store to Nordstrom¬† I was pretty sure their shoes would cost an arm and a leg; I’m glad that wasn’t the case.

I’m also working in a few design projects. It’s nothing big, just a few logos and a couple of websites. I found out I can draw if necessary :O! I’ve never been attracted to drawing, I had to do it in high school and wasn’t neither good or bad at it, but it wasn’t my thing. I should practice more often though.

I also inherited a Wacom Bamboo pen tablet. My brother bought a Wacom Cintiq 12WX (12-Inch Pen Display), so he gave me his old tablet. It’s kinda small and I’m not used to using a pen tablet, but I guess it might be easier and faster than drawing on paper, scanning, cleaning, fixing tones, and possibly redrawing over it. The sad thing was that he forgot that Amazon is part of the affiliate marketing program I joined and I missed on the commission of a $999 product……brothers….

Anyway, I also got a new android phone. I used my savings and the cash I got on my birthday to buy the Huawei Mercury from Cricket Communications and ditch the LG Optimus C I got from them last  year. The Optimus was a bad experience for me. It seems most of the units had an issue where it would randomly freeze and reboot, no matter what you were doing or running, I even tried replacing the type 2 SD card that came with it with a type 4 (as many people recommended), and it just lessened the problem, but rebooting in the middle of a call was unacceptable, so to hell with it.

The Huawei Mercury is a bigger phone, but it’s fast and stable. It runs the now discontinued Adobe Flash Player app, so I actually see websites like they were meant to be, and best of all, it hasn’t had a system freeze or a random reboot at all, I just love this phone.

That’s that, I’m going to start posting again, so if you follow this site’s feed you will see more entries than what I usually post. It might be annoying, so you have been warned.

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