Michael Bay messing up with the TMNT even more…

In the last couple of weeks Michael Bay has made it his business to turn the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles upside down, and pretty much do whatever the hell he wants with it, just like he did with Transformers.

As if making them “aliens” instead of mutants wasn’t enough, now there seems to be an age change. Bleeding Cool reports that the working title of the upcoming Paramount-Nickelodeon is just “Ninja Turtles.”

As of yet there is no confirmation that their age will change, so it could be just a marketing stunt just like how Disney changed “John Carter of Mars” to just “John Carter.”

Personally I think Michael Bay will ruin it. I wouldn’t be surprised if he incorporates alien weaponry so there’s an excuse to have everything explode for no reason while the camera shakes uncontrollably.

I just hope they don’t look like turtle monsters with horrible faces and fangs. In any case I don’t think I’m watching it when it comes to theaters.

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