Energy Bending – A Comparison (Legend of Korra)

After watching episode 3 a million questions came up, so here’s a comparison of what Aang and Amon did.

After watching the scene where Amon took away the firebenders’ ability to bend, my first question was, “isn’t the Avatar the only one with the ability to do that?”

Then my brother found this on his tumblr feed, note that this is taken from different tumblr accounts.



Energybending – A Comparison

While the Lionturtle and Aang use the same technique, Amon seems to be using another method.
When Aang takes away Ozai’s bending, and when the Lionturtle teaches Aang energybending, they both thouch TWO points on the body, the yin tang and the ru zhong point aka the Ajna chakra and the Anahata chakra.

When Amon ‘takes away’ LBZ’s bending, he only touches ONE point, the yin tang.

Now what could that mean?

I think Amon is faking it. That he is making people believe that he is taking away their bending, when what he is actually doing is blocking a chakra.

Here is why:

Amon touches the yin tang point aka the Ajna chakra:

Yintang Acupuncture Point 

Location: Midway between the medial ends of the eyebrows  Actions& Effects:

  • Calms the spirit – insomnia, anxiety, stress.
  • Frontal headache.
  • Sinus issues – congestion, sinusitis.

When Uncle is teaching Zuko about lightning, he talks about bending needing a certain amount of inner calm. So, if you were to close that chakra and lock all the anxiety inside someone, making them incapable of being calm, that would effectively take someone’s bending away.

Quite clever actually, since the more terrified they are/become the more permanent this block will be. And Amon is sure laying it on thick.

Note: This also means one should be able to undo it. Which is good, considering some of the promos we’ve seen.



I’d also like to note that he touches the back of his neck too. It’s really split second but he does.


Now if we look here….





HOLY CRAP ON A SILVER STICK! Does this mean Korra could potentially lose the ability to bend?

Brace yourselves, a twist is coming!


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