iPad 3 vs Burning Lasers!

Will the iPad 3 (aka New Model) survive against a wall of burning lasers?

I’d like mine extra-crispy please.

What I found most interesting, aside from the beautiful array of 16 lasers (8 Spyder III Arctics and 8 Spyder III Kryptons) making the touch-screen go insane, is how many people started complaining and attacking Kipkay on this video, with most of the comments giving similar excuses to cover their jealousy; poverty, hunger, and third-world countries.

The last time I checked everybody is entitled to do with their money whatever they see fit, and if this guy bought a brand-new Apple iPad 3 just to burn it and upload that video to Youtube then so be it. Most of the whiners aren’t thinking clear, because if they were they would have noticed the video is running ads, so he’s getting money off of it, and in the end he can buy another one if he wishes so.

It’s pretty lame that suddenly everybody remembers world hunger and poverty, but I ask you, how come these people don’t go around telling the guys who waste their money in cigarettes and alcohol to donate instead? They won’t even try because “they can do whatever they want with their money.”

It’s amazing how jealousy and fanboyism can suddenly turn people into “activists.”

Going back to the video, the Flash Torch flashlight and the solar death ray were a really cool touch, but one question still remains in my mind now; will it blend?

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