Mobile Version Activated

The mobile version of the site is almost complete and already activated.

I finally managed to get it working by using a responsive WordPress theme called Ari and the WordPress Mobile Pack plugin, but I still have a few things to change before I can say it’s finally complete.

I decided to go for a mobile version of the site because of the constant problems with one of the ads running on the full site. I also wanted a smaller version of the site I could browse without scrolling from left to right.

My main concern right now is whether or not it is a good idea to have thumbnails on the front page. Because of the way I have the desktop theme set up, nine posts show up in the front page, each with its respective thumbnail. Since there is no guideline on how to go about creating a mobile site I really don’t know if I should just display the entry title with its excerpt, or just the entry title.

I also hope the colors I chose look alright on smartphones. I went for a dark theme because it not only uses less light than a lighter theme, but also I think it’s easy to read something that doesn’t burn my eyes.

As far as monetizing the mobile site goes, I added a couple of mobile ads. I hope they are clean, but if for some reason they try to install stuff on your phones, or start behaving in a weird way, please let me know . None of them should play video, specially because of their size. However, if they become too bothersome (in the sense that they try to force things on your device) then contact me.

So far I have tested the site with the Android browser, Opera Mini, and Dolphin Mini, and the only problem I encountered was Opera Mini not displaying the embedded Youtube videos in some of my older posts, this is due to a certain WP plugin I was using to make posting those videos easier for me, but for some reason they show up under the comments section of every post. Opera Mini also doesn’t recognize videos from Vimeo and Dailymotion, so all you get is an empty space where the video should be, but that has nothing to do with me, that’s just the way Opera Mini behaves.

The point of this entry was to let you know about the mobile theme, so again, let me know if you encounter any problems while browsing the site.

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