The awesome “suitcase” Google Play commercial, and an Android update rant

I hadn’t seen the ad until now, and I gotta say it made me want the suitcase more than an Android phone.

The suitcase reminds me of Inspector Gadget, wouldn’t it be cool if something like this existed? The phone dialer is pretty much useless, but it’s a nice touch.

Now on to my rant.

Personally, I don’t like that Google changed the Android Market’s name for Google Play, it’s been giving me a hard time finding it on my phone now that it doesn’t say “market.”

Also, in the last update my Android phone had a bunch of stuff that I don’t use installed without having a chance to say no, and by the looks of it I will have to root my phone to remove them.

Google Play Books, Google Play Movies, Google Play Music, and Google+ (and its messenger) were installed during the last update. I can’t uninstall them, only their updates, so I definitely will have to root my phone to remove the excess junk.

I really don’t appreciate the extra stuff if I’m not gonna use it, I mean, how the hell am I gonna read a book in a 4-inch screen? I know they’re trying to compete with Amazon and Apple, but come on, could they at least make sure they’re only sending certain updates to tablets and not smartphones? Or at least give us a chance to uninstall the apps we don’t need or use.

Why would I rent movies to my phone? To a tablet maybe, but to a phone? And hey, I have Netflix, and I have used their app just a couple of times just for fun, but I wouldn’t watch a whole movie in a 4-inch screen, unless I want to ruin my eyes.

We all know Facebook and Twitter still rule the social network business, so the way I see it Google is making a last stand by forcing the Google+ app, after all, as much work as they have put onto Google+ (feature wise), it’s still not appealing to the great majority.

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