Moved the site to a new host

I moved the site to a new hosting service, so there’s a chance some things may not work properly, or at all.

I used a hosting company called Powweb for many years, and even though they lacked things I wanted (or needed), I put up with that so I wouldn’t have to move such a massive WordPress install. So you have an idea of how big this blog got, it’s about 1.3 GB.

I just had it with them, so last night I registered a new hosting account with Hostgator and moved the site right away. Let me tell you something, moving such a big install is a lot of work, and then dealing with all the plugins going berserk is tiring.

The funny thing is after moving the site everything seems to load faster, even without the cache plugin (I use Quick Cache). So far everything seems to be working alright, but if anything appears broken please let me know.


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