Mold your eggs into any shape with these egg molds!

And by eggs I mean hard boiled eggs, shaping your balls into something else would be painful as f*ck.

There’s a moment in life when you ask yourself, “just how the hell do I shape eggs into something not boring like regular eggs?” OK, maybe you don’t ask yourself that question, but just why the hell not? I mean, we have the technology…

This came up in one of my travels through the imgurverse. This first one is not actually a mold, it’s more of a contraption to make eggs take a cube shape.

It’s called “Egg Cuber,” and it does exactly that, it cubes eggs.

I know it says it “makes a square egg,” but come on, that would be a two-dimensional egg, this is actually a cube.

You might be asking yourself, “in what kind of situation would I need a cube-shaped egg?” Well, the answer is simple, appetizers. Or maybe a tower of eggs, for reasons. You can get this marvel of Asian technology here or here.

But, do you know what’s better than a cubed egg? Cute little shapes, so I present you these cute and unnecessary egg molds!

Yes, that last one is a Hello Kitty! mold.

So, why would you need them? Well, if you have children they’ll love the shapes. If you don’t, well, go make some children so they can enjoy the cute shapes D:<

I’m pretty sure there are tons of reasons to use an egg mold, but let’s just leave it at that, reasons.

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