The Dark Knight Rises: A good movie clouded by the acts of a maniac

I went to see the midnight premier The Dark Knight Rises last night. It was a stormy night in this area with lots of wind and lightning. The power in my house went out for a few minutes, so I even thought I wouldn’t be able to go see the movie, but thankfully it came back shortly after.

The line on the theater was humongous, and I’m not even talking about the line at the box office. The line was actually for anybody trying to get into the 12:01 am showing, and I was barely able to find a seat.

The movie was good, I would say it has a slow buildup, but I’m not gonna spoil it for anyone, so all I can say is that I liked it and I would watch it again.

After the movie my brother, a friend of his, and I waited for most folks to leave to we wouldn’t have a problem leaving the parking lot, and we spent it nitpicking many scenes in the movie just for the fun of it. We spent like an hour just doing so and joking about Bane’s voice, it was really entertaining.

Today I wake up to the news that in Colorado some asshole wearing a gas mask and body armored threw tear gas and opened fire on a completely-packed midnight-screening of the movie. So far there are 12 people confirmed dead, and more than 50 injured.

While looking for more information about this horrible tragedy, I found that many news outlets and other websites are comparing what this person did to stories from the comic books, the previous movies, and of course, this movie, even though it was opening night.

I don’t understand why every time some gunman opens fire on a crowded area it’s rapidly attributed to a movie, a cartoon, a video game, or a TV show. Calling it the “Batman shooting,” or the “Batman movie shooting” isn’t helping matters at all.

Comparing what he did to a 1986 comic is retarded. The comic I’m talking about is The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller. The part in question is about a guy who opens fire inside a movie theater during a pornographic movie based on Batman. It seems this angers the guy and he kills three people there.

AsĀ  you can see this story is not even close to what happened in Colorado, the only similarity is the fact that it was during a movie screening.

Did you know DC Animation is working on an animated version of this story? The animated feature will be released in two parts with the first expected to hit home video in the fall of 2012 and the second the spring of 2013, but with this going on I have a feeling it will be halted for good.

I really don’t think that old comic book had anything to do with this, if all I think the guy was probably angry about something and took it on anyone at that theater.

What’s next, are they going to blame Obama on this? It’s really sad that such a good movie premiers with a tragedy, and I hope it’s not taken out of the theaters early because of it.

Things like this anger me because I just can’t understand how anybody can end a life in cold blood just “because.” I seriously hope the guy gets sentenced to capital punishment by gunfire, eye for an eye…


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