KFC Loves Gays (with John Goodman)

Yesterday was Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, which some customers have organized to support the fast-food chain, whose chief executive publicly stated opposition to same-sex marriage, so Funny or Die came up with this hilarious skit.

The funniest part comes at 1:55, when Colonel Sanders says so bluntly how much he doesn’t care about the whole thing, which is exactly my stance right now about this whole Chick-fil-A vs gay marriage.

In my honest opinion they shouldn’t talk about stuff that doesn’t concern the fried chicken business. Also, protesters don’t seem to realize that every time they go out and make these big protests outside businesses, their employees get the bad end of the deal. OK, so they think the CEO of that company is an asshole for their stance against gay marriage, that’s cool and all, but why don’t they go to their HQ to protest there instead of bothering their employees? Don’t they have mouths to feed too? Don’t they get any say in the matter?

I hope people realize they’ve just made Chick-fil-A more famous that it was, so if they thought they were gonna hurt their business they are dead wrong as I’m pretty sure yesterday was probably their best day of the year.

Let me be completely honest here, I only tried one of their chicken sandwiches once, and I didn’t like it. That was the end of it, I don’t eat there because I support the boycott, but because I just don’t like their food, similarly to why I don’t eat at McDonald’s anymore, my poor intestines can’t stand their food.

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