WTF: Sock Sandals

Silly socks that look like sandals.

A few days ago someone posted this on reddit, but I thought it was a joke, until I actually found them on Amazon.

Here’s the description:

Everyone knows that it’s just not cool to wear socks with sandals, but they never said anything about socks as sandals.

Sock Sandals are comfortable socks designed to look like you’re enjoying the fashion faux pas of wearing socks with sandals. Upon closer inspection, everyone realizes you’ve found a loophole in the fashion rule.

You can laugh maniacally as everyone else just scratches their heads. It’s the perfect gift for the computer nerd that doesn’t realize socks and sandals aren’t acceptable at the beach. Sock Sandals are a comfortable way to show your individuality and set a new fashion trend.

All I can say is, “yo dawg, i herd u like to wear socks with sandals, so we made socks that look like socks with sandals so u can wear socks with sandals while u wear socks with sandals.”

“I bet it would be really nice to wear them with Crocs.” —Nobody ever.

I wonder who started the whole socks-n-sandals hating, it was never meant to be a fashion statement, it’s just comfy…

That reminds me of,

I will only stop doing it when women stop wearing pajamas and slippers as regular clothing.

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