It seems I’m getting more visits from mobile devices than computers

I was checking my stats on Google Analytics, and I was surprised to learn 60% of the visits this site gets are from mobile devices.

I’ve been somewhat lazy in the past few months, so I’m responsible for the “not-growth” of this website. But, putting that aside, I still receive about 30,000 hits a month.

I don’t check my stats often, and when I do I only go by the number of visits each month and a few other numbers. This time, however, I decided to take a look at the mobile visits.

Since I was playing with the idea of a mobile site again (I tried it a few months ago and it kinda failed), I thought I should check just because I was there anyway. I was taken by surprised when I realized most of last month’s visits (August) came from mobile and not computers, so I took a few screencaps to show you how ridiculous the stats look.

Last month this site received 31,153 hits, and from those visits a total of 18,966 came from mobile devices.

Last year mobile visits to this site only accounted for about 11%, so this really took me by surprise.

The funny thing is 50% of those visits came from Apple devices alone: Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, and Apple iPod Touch.

The next chart shows that more than 80% of the mobile visits came from Apple devices, compared to other brands in general.

That’s kind of scary, I thought most of my mobile visits would come from Android devices, but it looks like I was terribly wrong.

Only 16% of the visits were from Android users? Well, that sure deescalated quickly.

I think I have no choice but to hurry up and either make a mobile version of the site, or get a flexible theme.

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