Lasers vs. iPhone 5

How will the new iPhone stand up to over 6 watts of wicked lasers?

Kipkay is at it again with his crazy laser stunts. After burning an iPad 3 (aka iPad New Model), he now goes after the new iPhone 5.

Just like in the burning of the iPad 3, people started complaining and attacking Kipkay on his video. The comments range from this being a waste of money, to direct insults because it’s an iPhone. What people don’t seem to understand is that Kipkay gets money from ads on these videos, so even if he spent $500 on a new iPhone just to set it on fire, he will get his investment back eventually. There’s also a chance the iPhone was donated just so he could pull this stunt, so everybody calm down.

Anyway, I thought the first batch of lasers (5 Spyder III Arctic Wicked Lasers @ 1.25W each) was gonna be enough to burn a hole through the case, but I guess that, just like in the iPad 3 video, it was up to the Flash Torch flashlight to get the job done.

So, what’s next?  A bazooka? A death ray from a satellite in orbit? Kipkay’s gonna have to come up with something different next time, or get some industrial lasers and set dynamite around the device so it goes up in flames in a blaze of glory.

By the way, you can own the very same iPhone 5 used in this stunt, it’s being auctioned on eBay.

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