Mobile site is a go (again)

After checking with Google Analytics one more time I decided to give the mobile theme another try. The thing is, it really hurts the little I make from ads to maintain the site free for me.

The last time I tried the mobile version I ended up truncating a good month, and I only made about 30% of what I usually make on a good month. However, the difference now is that the number of visits from mobile devices tripled in the past year, so it might work out, with emphasis in “might.”

I enabled the Möbius WP theme because that’s one of the ones that actually works and it’s pretty fast (at least on my Android phone), and inserted a couple of advertising zones here and there. Some other free themes work better, but ever since I updated to WordPress 3.4 they haven’t worked at all.

As of yet I only know it works on Android, and I’m pretty sure it works on iOS, at least on iPods and iPhones. As for other brands, I really have no idea, it would be nice if somebody would let me know if it works on their non-Android/non-iOS phones.

It would be nice if there were a WordPress plugin that could edit the options and widgets of themes not in use, it’s pretty annoying to have to do everything by code, and I don’t want to switch themes just to change a couple of settings. Since WP 3.X the sidebar widgets are static, so it’s harder to move things around, and I see no way of duplicating content.

The WordPress Mobile Pack only works with its themes, I can’t pick and choose widgets because they just won’t show up 🙁

TL;DR the mobile version is up and running, if you’re on a smartphone and you still get the regular website drop me a line and I’ll check what’s going on.


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