The Next Big Thing is Already Here – Samsung Galaxy S III

And the war rages on!

This commercial made me want to get my hands on a Samsung Galaxy S III. The screen is bigger than that of the Huawei Mercury I have right now, but then I would have to deal with a 2-year contract…choices…

I wonder if somebody had the guts to do that during the huge lines today in front of the Apple Stores, it would be cool to see their reaction 😛

During the pre-sale day, some carriers like AT&T ran out of them in a matter of hours. That just proves most Apple fans see Apple products as fashion accessories and not what they really are, electronics. Even after the complains of many about the lack new features, Apple fans are buying it like it’s hot bread.

Now it’s just a matter of time before we see the same ridiculous tweets we saw last year from people complaining they didn’t get the iPhone 5 in the color they wanted, because the white version is so different from the black version…

Anyway, I hope they didn’t get lost while using Apple Maps, it would break my heart to learn people missed on the chance of spending more money than they should on a phone that offers something that Android phones have had for a couple of years.

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