As Seen on TV: A tribute to doing it wrong

You’ve seen how infomercials always portray regular chores with extremely clumsy people so they convince you of buying their products. This is a tribute to the hilarious work the actors in these infomercials do.

It must be tough living in a place where the simplest of actions can go wrong. Every time they start with “has this ever happened to you…” I always think to myself, “not really, I’m not that useless…”

The one that always gets me is the Perfect Brownie, the woman trying to cut straight through the dough but failing miserably at it makes me think she added mud to the brownie mix. What a poor woman 🙁

Products in this video include (in alphabetical order):

  • Awesome Auger
  • Big City Slider
  • Big Top Cupcake
  • Bottle Tops
  • Bumpits
  • Buxton Palm Wallet
  • Cami Secret
  • Covermate
  • Crazy Critters
  • CrazyBraid
  • DepilSilk
  • Doggy Step
  • Egg Genie
  • Emery Cat
  • EZ Cracker
  • Grip N Twist, Dual Pro Peeler and Adjust-A-Slice
  • Handy Groomer spot
  • JML Exakt Saw
  • JML Keep Fresh Bags
  • JML Paint Sprayer Pro
  • JML Table Mate Dub
  • JumpSnap the Ropeless Jump Rope
  • Magic Tap
  • mighty mend it
  • Naptastic
  • Pedi Pistol – Home Pedicure Systems by Ped Egg
  • PediPaws
  • Perfect Brownie
  • Perfect Button
  • Perfect Patty
  • Perfect Shelf
  • Pet Cozy
  • Robostir
  • Shoe Dini
  • Shoes Under
  • Smart Spin
  • Snuggie
  • Spill Daddy Paint Pro
  • SteamBuddy
  • Tushee
  • Tiddy Bear
  • Tool Band-
  • TurboSlice
  • Twin Draft Guard
  • Twist n Style
  • UGLU
  • UGO Bags
  • Urine Gone
  • Vidalia Slice Wizard
  • Zipits


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