Cleveland bus driver uppercuts female passenger

A heated argument escalated into a full blown fist fight, resulting in the driving punching a female passenger.

Artis Hughes, a 22-year employee of the Regional Transit Authority in Cleveland, was named this afternoon as the bus driver in the now infamous “uppercut” videos showing him punching a female passenger and throwing her off the bus.

Hughes has been suspended pending the investigation and he and his union president have been notified, an RTA spokeswoman said.

The female passenger was identified as Shidea N. Lane, 25.

This video went viral really fast, but while others applaud the driver’s actions by saying she deserved what she got, I believe the driver made a huge mistake. As obnoxious as the woman was, the driver should have kept his cool. After 22 years working in public transportation he should have been more than used to dealing with people like this, so I think he should have called the police instead and let them deal with her. Now he ruined his career, he’s been suspended, and there’s a chance he could be terminated and even face criminal charges. He also gave the woman the means to sue the company.

Regardless of how she was behaving, punching a customer is a huge NO-NO, especially if it’s a man hurting a woman.

Here’s an interview with the woman in question:

It felt like I was on Mortal Kombat….

You know what that means, it’s PARODY TIME!

I’m sure there will be a whole lot more parodies 😛

But seriously, don’t go around punching customers, call the police.

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