Face Bank: A fun yet creepy toy coin bank

Face Bank” is a motion sensor piggy bank that “eats” coins.

It works in a similar fashion as the Itazura Coin Bank, or the vintage Robie the Robot Banker from Radio Shack, but instead of having a mechanical arm to get the coins inside, you have to put the coin in its mouth and the bank will chew and swallow it.

It comes in different colors and textures (like this one, or this one), but it’s basically the same monkey face on each one, with the same eyes looking at you, judging your every move, your every action…

While the first version looks like a monkey face, the second version, or Face Bank 2, is one of the creepiest toys I’ve seen in my life. It’s also known as the Face Bank “nose.” The Face Bank 2 (nose) is the creepiest of the Face Bank series. It has a nose instead of having those creepy little eyes that made the first one look like a monkey.

As you can see, the makers decided to make it more “human-like” by adding a big nose, but no eyes. Some people think this is less creepy than the first model, but I think it’s creepier to have something that looks like half a head than the monkey face from before.

Cannot be unseen…

Finally, the Face Bank 3, or the Cat Face Bank. This one has eyes just like the original version, but it has cat eyes instead.

While it’s true that it’s less creepy than the nose version, why did they choose creepy cat eyes? Why couldn’t they go for cute eyes? It freaks me out!

LOOK AT IT! It’s staring into your soul…

The Itazura cat bank is cute and not intimidating at all.

While the original Face Bank is not that hard to find, the other ones are. It might have to do with the level of creepiness.

I don’t know if there are more Face Bank versions, this is all I could find, so let me know in the comments if you know of another one.

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