Holding Doors: A Question of Distance

We all have gone through this at some point: a supposedly polite stranger hold the door open for you, but suddenly you find yourself too far away and wonder if the other person is really being polite, or an ass.

I’ve been on both sides of this situation and it’s never pretty. If I hold the door for someone who I think is right behind me, but they suddenly slow down, they look at me with angry eyes. If I’m the one walking towards the door and the person holding the door decided to hold it for me when I’m still on the other side of the parking lot, they look at me with angry eyes. It’s a lose-lose situation here.

This might be of some use.

The ultimate solution would be to have automatic doors EVERYWHERE, that way nobody hast to wait on anyone, or rush to the door.

Comic by Poorly Drawn Lines.

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