PLURALITY (Short Film)

In the future, a technological marvel known as the Bentham Grid goes online. It takes every bit of information unique to you, including social security numbers, passports, credit card numbers, and links them directly to your DNA. The grid knows everything about you; where you are, where you go, and where you’ve been. But what happens when the Grid finds you in two different places at the same time?

Directed by: Dennis Liu
Written by: Ryan Condal
Produced by: Jonathan Hsu, Dennis Liu

2 years of filmmaking with very little money and my friends and I made this.
We’re a tiny production so please help spread the word! =)

That was really entertaining, I would like to see more. The interesting thing about this science fiction short is that it deals with the issue or privacy in a future where everything bit of information is controlled by a computerized system. I wouldn’t be surprised if the government ends up enforcing a similar system in the near future.

I could see this becoming a movie, or a TV series, so let’s spread the word and maybe one day we’ll see this on a larger scale, and a bigger budget. Though I have to admit, for being a low-budget short film the special effects are pretty nice.

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