Trailer For The Dark Knight Returns Part 2

This trailer is for the second part of the animated movie adaptation of  Frank Miller and Klaus Janson’s The Dark Knight Returns.

Just a word of caution, this trailer has way too many spoilers for my taste, so watch it at your own discretion. I normally avoid spoilers, it ruins the experience for me, but I just didn’t know it was going to be like this.

I watched The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 and it’s awesome, as long as we leave Peter Weller’s acting aside. I love the guy, but it felt like he was reading rather than acting the part, sort of a rushed narration. You can see it on this trailer too, it’s too bad they didn’t get Michael Ironside to play Batman again like he did in an episode called “Legends of the Dark Knight” (episode 19) from “The New Batman Adventures (aka Gotham Knights).”

Here’s the clip so you can see the difference:

That was beautiful, the lines had so much weight, but oh well…

The first part is worth the price, and I’m sure the second part will be too, but I’m still “unsure” about Peter Weller’s narrating the part instead of acting it :/

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