Brazilian ghost in the elevator prank

This little stunt from Brazilian TV show “Programa Silcio Santos” has made it to every news outlet around the world, and it’s not because of it’s comedic content.

The prank consists of unsuspecting folks going into an elevator, to be greeted by flickering lights, and when the lights go out, a little girl in terrifying makeup and holding a doll enters from a hidden door.

When the lights return, she just stands there, staring at the victim(s). But right before the lights go off again, the little girl lets out a scream, sending many of the elevator passengers into fits of fear.

It’s funny until somebody has a heart attack, or ends up punching the little girl in the face. Personally, I think it would have gone better if the girl didn’t scream at all and just appeared and disappeared. In any case, I wouldn’t be surprised if any of the victims pissed their pants.

This is one of the scariest pranks I’ve seen, and none of the victims from any of the other pranks have taken it so lightly as to just laugh it off and smile to the camera, and that’s probably the reason it’s been shown on so many news outlets. Is it legal to scare people half to death on purpose? Did the prank victims sign any release papers? I don’t think Brazil laws work the same way as in the United States, so I don’t think it would be as easy to sue the producers of the TV show.

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