I think I’m gonna refer to myself as “bad luck retro”

Some of the things that happen to me are just weird…

Sometimes I wonder if this streak of bad luck is ever going to end. For starters,I applied for a job at one of those “authorized wireless retailers,” which pretty much means you sell phones and accessories, but you don’t actually work for the wireless carrier(s). I’m not that big on sales, but I need a job. It’s been about a month since I applied and went through an interview, and when I finally receive a call from them, they want me to go through a second interview. Then I’m told to wait, that I would be getting a call later. It’s been three days.

Then there’s the matter of the little to no money this site is generating me. I don’t know if there is something wrong with the stuff I’m either using or doing to try to generate links to Amazon, but for some weird reason I see dozens of clicks, but not one sale yet. I don’t know if it’s because of the season, or that potential buyers are just adding those products to their wishlists instead of buying right away, but it’s just not working for me. After almost 2,000 clicks I’d say there’s something weird going on here…

The Amazon shop I set up isn’t really working either. It’s generated far less clicks than what I get over here, but still no sales, so I think it has something to do with Amazon removing the referrer id (aka the affiliate id) once it’s been added to a wishlist :(.

Speaking of sales, a friend was looking for a tablet, so he asked for my help. He was going for a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, mainly for its sensitivity levels and the stylus that lets you use it like a Wacom drawing tablet, but after looking around he decided to go for one that was less expensive because it’s mostly to carry his art portfolio. So, he ordered an ASUS TF300T Eee Pad Transformer tablet using one of my affiliate links. Guess what, he received the wrong product and he needed it ASAP, so he asked for a refund and ended up buying it for $25 more than what he paid online at a local store. I saw the commission slipped right between my fingers like water, FML…

Speaking of lost commissions, the other affiliate marketing tool I use (Skimlinks) is kind of working, I say “kind of” because ever since browser add-ons like Adblock Plus are now blocking affiliate services like that one, it’s making it harder to see any sales now. Skimlinks is supposed to work without much effort, other than finding links to the advertisers who joined the program, so I shouldn’t have to spend time creating affiliate links, and more on getting traffic to the site.

My banner ads are pretty much dead, so I’m not even gonna go into that… I can now safely say Adblock is single-handedly killing online advertising.

By the way, my car stereo has been acting crazy in the last couple of weeks, it suddenly turns itself on or off, or displays error messages on the screen, so I think it’s time to set it on fire.

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