So the presidential race is finally over, and I hope the ads too

Unlike the 2008 presidential election, this election turned out to be a really tight race, with no clear winner for a good couple of hours. I was surprised how easy it was for me to vote, there were way too many complaints about extremely long lines, and places that had only one computer. Hell, even Big Bird voted!

I didn’t know Santa was his bodyguard. Anyway, seeing how divided the country was it doesn’t really surprise me that many republicans are really mad about Obama winning. However, I wasn’t expecting students rioting over this. University of Mississippi students decided to take the streets just past midnight to protest Obama’s re-election, blocking streets,¬†throwing rocks, using racial slurs, and burning Obama campaign signs until police broke up the mini-riot.

I wonder when was the last time a riot overturned a presidential election… In any case, I don’t remember democrats turning violent when G.W. Bush won by a really short margin against Al Gore. I guess they’re worried about the people who will supposedly lose their jobs now that Obama got re-elected.

But from all the things that happened last night, I guess these are the ones that really stand out more than others:

  • Sesame Street won’t be canceled
  • The first openly gay Senator, Tammy Baldwin is elected
  • Todd Akin¬† and Richard Mourdock lost the race
  • Same-sex marriage measures have passed in Maryland and Maine
  • Colorado and Washington have legalized recreational marijuana use
  • Massachusetts elects its first female Senator, consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren

However, in Maryland question 7 won, which I find extremely suspicions. It deals with allowing more casinos in this state, and it won by a really small margin. Right.

At least I won’t have to see any more of those horrible political ads for a couple of years, they were seriously annoying.

But now that Obama has won the election I guess we can go back to more important matters, like Thanksgiving dinner preparations, and planning out Black Friday shopping lists.

Oh, and Halo 4 came out yesterday too, along with an Xbox 360 bundle, and accessories like the TRITTON Halo 4 headset, and the limited edition controller. You will have to excuse my shameless advertising.

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