Twinkies being sold as exquisite delicacies and collectible items

Now that Hostess is no more, Twinkies, their most iconic product, is being sold on auction for literally millions of dollars.

Hours after Twinkie-maker Hostess announced its plans to close its doors forever, people flocked to stores to fill their shopping baskets with boxes of the cream-filled sponge cakes and their sibling snacks – Ding Dongs, Ho Hos and Zingers.

Late Friday and Saturday, the opportunists took to eBay and Craigslist. They began marketing their hoard to whimsical collectors and junk-food lovers for hundreds – and in some cases – thousands of dollars. That’s a fat profit margin, when you consider the retail price for a box of 10 Twinkies is roughly $5.
The Miami Herald.

While many sellers are trying to really cash in big on the Twinkie craze by selling them by the box for two or three times it’s normal retail price (normally about $5 per box), some are just overdoing it by trying to get hundreds, thousands, and even millions of dollars per box. Some others are just posting joke auctions on eBay.

These are the results of a simple search of the word “Twinkies” ordered from “highest price,” or click here to see it on eBay.

This auction really took the cake, no pun intended. “Rare box” makes it sound like it’s vintage or something like that. Even if rights to a domain are included, I doubt anyone is dumb enough to pay 21 million dollars for a box of Twinkies that just expired…

This auction was probably the funniest one:

Will have my Labrador eat all your Twinkies for this small price.

Just bring them to her. Your transportation charge will be included in the bid amount.

Sorry but no international orders.

I have a feeling it will be removed really soon though.

Interestingly enough, this auction makes a lot more sense. It’s for a truckload of 1100 boxes of 10, that’s 11,000 Twinkies going right now for about $88,000 USD. Supposedly “the last payload left on earth.” I wouldn’t be surprised if this one was setup by Hostess themselves.

But some others are selling the supposed recipes to make at home instead. They range from a few dollars, to a whooping $1,500 USD, but in all honesty, I don’t think they’re that difficult to replicate.

In general, all Hostess products are being sold for ridiculous prices, so I kind of wonder what all these sellers and possible buyers will do once some other company buys the rights and starts selling these products again.

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