Weird Youtube Stuff: PO PI PO Vegetable Juice

This is one of those YouTube memes that makes you wonder about the sanity of its users.

While there are many versions of this YouTube meme, I think they are all based on this video:

Dat suggestive bottle shake…

I’m not gonna post all of those videos, but here’s the one that made me laugh the most:

Yeah, that’s gotta be the best one for obvious reasons, not that the original needed much improvement either. I think the most messed up version is one titled “Oprah Juice” that I posted a couple of years ago, that’s some weird stuff…

Anyway, the second one is by Little-miss-boxie¬†and it seems to be based on one of her webcomic characters. There’s even a t-shirt available on Redbubble.

Let me be completely honest here, I have no freaking idea how I keep finding my way into the weird side of YouTube, no freaking idea whatsoever.

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