Austrian politician wearing cool pair of snickers in the parliament

This guy is a politician, but look at what he’s wearing in the parliament.

What is this, Regular Show? His name is Stefan Petzner, a member of the economical right Alliance for the Future of Austria.

Aside from the fact those shoes scream “AMERICA” and he’s a member of the Austrian parliament, I honestly think this is a weird way to dress. I like his suit, I like the shoes, but they don’t go together that well. Also, one of the first things that went through my mind was the Pegasus Boots from the Zelda video games.

As for the shoes, he’s sporting a pair of Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0 “Stars & Stripes.” They go for around $300, depending on where you get them. eBay has a bunch of those and other similar designs by the same designer, just different colored shoes/wings.

Just a bit of a warning though, while looking for places that sell these shoes I stumbled upon a few people sharing links to places like AliExpress, but the problem is those are knockoffs. I think you can tell just by looking at the price and the missing Adidas tags/logos though.

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