Ugly Footwear: What is this abomination?

I’m a man, and even I think this is hideous!

By combining the three ugliest types of footwear ever, this abomination was created. Behold! The Ugg-Croc-Toe-Sock-Shoe!


And I thought fur stiletto boots were weird…

There’s no way this is real, I mean, who in their right mind would combine Uggs, Crocs, and toe socks? I thought the toe socks were Vibram Fivefingers at first though. The Gloss describes this as possibly “the world’s most comfortable shoe;” it has a semblance of Uggs, for soft, cushy innards, Crocs for support, and toe socks so you can easily wiggle your toes. They kind of look like monkey’s feet though, and I can only imagine the stench this thing creates…

I wonder who would dare to wear such a thing in public.

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