Did you know there’s a female Buu?

I just found out that there is a female Buu, and believe it or not her name is “Booby.”


At first glance this seems to be just your regular fanart with made-up characters, but this character is canon and comes from the DBZ MMORPG. Here’s her bio:

Booby is a female Majin spawn created by Majin Buu in a quest to find a lover.

In Age 790, Buu accidentally reads one of Mr. Satan‘s adult books, Bob & Margaret, causing him to long for love. He obtains ideas about female mates and ultimately creates his wife, “Booby”, from a part of his own body. In the same year, Majin Buu and Booby uses the Love-Love Beam to give birth to their Baby Buu. The family grows quickly, and is later recognized as its own race, which is seen in the computer gameDragon Ball Online.

Booby’s name is derived from “Boo,” the original spelling of “Buu,” and/or from “booby,” a species of seabird in the Galapagos Islands or the slang term for a woman’s breasts.

DragonBall Wiki

Booby….it honestly shouldn’t surprise me after Bulma’s second child, Bulla, aka “Bra.” Just so you know, there is no official artwork of her anywhere, so this is not what she looks like. I wonder if they will show up in the new movie, seeing as there is no actual video clips or drawings from the video game.


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