Firefighter Saves Suicidal Girl From Jumping Off Building in Russia

[Stavropol, Russia] A sixteen year old girl named Farida held her family and friends in frightening suspense for over 40 minutes as she threatened to leap from a building balcony. Fearing the worst, a Stavropol Firefighter slinked along the roof of the twelve-story building, edging close to where the girl was standing. The fast-thinking firefighter slung himself over the edge of the roof, pushing the teen with his feet until she could be subdued by other firefighters.

Min 1:13, “NOT IN MY HOUSE MOTHERFUCKER!” I wonder how he’s gonna tell this tale to his grandchildren, “did I ever tell you how I saved a woman’s life by kicking her in the face?”

Joke aside, it was his quick thinking that saved the girl’s life, kudos to him.

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