Guy swallows bag of cocaine, results in the best mugshot ever

This story dates back to 2010, but it’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

“This bizarre mug shot was taken of 18-year-old Art Taylor – just minutes after he allegedly swallowed an entire bag of cocaine.

Taylor was driving his car in Massachusetts when police witnessed him making the minor traffic offence. They pulled him over – and became suspicious when Taylor refused to give them his license or registration.

‘He made a quick movement to the centre console, and there was a small baggie with a white powder in it’…’He immediately made a movement to put it in his mouth’., Police spokesperson Ron Brandolini said.

Officers then struggled with the teenager to stop him from swallowing the bag of white powder but to no avail. The officers were eventually able to handcuff Taylor and remove him from the car, but he had already swallowed what was believed to have been cocaine.

Taylor was charged with assault and battery on a police officer, disorderly conduct, and not using a turn signal, but no drugs charges were brought against him – as there was no evidence. Police used a dog to search the car for other drugs but nothing was found.” —Story via Mail Online.

You have to give it to the guy for being able to crack a smile. But you know what, I think this was the real result:


I honestly didn’t think it would look like that when I made the gif, it’s both terrifying and hilarious. Here’s a link to the gif in case you want to share or hotlink it.

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