Xbox One Official Announcement: Let the Hating Begin!

Microsoft unveiled their new version of the Xbox console: the Xbox One, an all-in-one entertainment system.

This is the unveil video for the Xbox One, showcasing the console, the new Kinect sensor and the new Xbox One controller, as well as the new experiences that will be coming with Xbox One, including the personal homescreen, cinematic gaming, Live TV and Skype.

image_302564_fit_940Microsoft finally made the smart move to include a Blu-Ray player like they should’ve when they decided to go for the now defunct HD-DVD player. So what’s the problem here? Well, as always many folks began complaining about the name, the controller, the shape of the console (comparing it to a VCR), and the fact that they didn’t show how it works on the video game end.

I honestly see nothing wrong with the controller, and in fact you might want to read the Engadget article comparing the new controller and the previous one, they’re pretty much the same thing.


dsc9025My problem with this is new console is just the fact it’s kind of bloated. It has too many things that many stand alone boxes and smart TVs can do already, and considering the fact their Xbox 360 console started displaying the notorious “red ring of death” due to overheating problems, I’d say they had better make sure this console can withstand being on all day. I use a Nintendo Wii to access Netflix on the living room, and that’s because I have a first generation Xbox360 console, so even after I patched it up and fixed the overheating problem that was causing the RROD, I don’t really trust the console to be on all day long.

But I think what gaming fans should really be worried about is that Microsoft has confirmed that all Xbox One games will require mandatory installation onto the system’s hard drive and, to install the same disc onto another user’s drive, a fee must be paid. You can read more about it here.

While I understand their need to secure their games and combat piracy, this kind of defeats the purpose of used games. Then again, it sounds like PC gaming, where many games require you to be installed and have a serial key or code to access the game, so naturally your friend would have to have his or her own key to play the same game after installation.

In any case I’m waiting for their E3 announcement of the console’s gaming features, along with a list of upcoming games. By the way, websites like Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop already have a page for this upcoming console.

And now I leave you with one of the funniest things I’ve seen all day, a picture of guys taking pictures of the console.

Xbox One

The guy with the laptop kind of overdid it, but I’m surprised I don’t see that one person who takes pictures with their iPad.

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