Apparently this interracial Cheerios ad is still sparking controversy

It’s hard to believe people would react to a simple cereal commercial the way they are doing it, showing the world how America is still full of bigots and racist f*cks.

Last week General Mills started airing this Cheerios ad, but it received so many “negative” remarks they had to disable the comments on their YouTube page.

The ad begins with a little girl asking her mother about Cheerios being healthy for the heart. The girl is bi-racial, and her mother is Caucasian. Upon Mom confirming that the cereal’s good for the heart, the little girl runs off with the box. Next, we see dad asleep on the couch, who happens to be African-American, then waking up to find a pile of Cheerios on him, over his heart. It’s an adorable ad, but it seems the fact that the parents are an interracial couple was enough to break hell loose.

I honestly don’t see anything wrong with this ad. One of the actors in the ad, Charles Malik Whitfield, came forward and responded with this:

As an actor who happens to be African-American, I am very proud to be part of the forward thinking Cheerios commercial produced by General Mills. I believe it represents what America stands for – regardless of race, creed or sexual preference. To all of the wonderful people who have supported this heart-warming and very adorable commercial, I applaud you all.

You will always find trolls anywhere, but if do a search for this article and read the comments you will notice the number of ignorant comments about the “superior white race.”

What’s more interesting is the fact that people are more concerned about this ad than what’s happening under their noses. Give people torches and pitchforks and they’ll be happy.

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