Video game logic: Stop a moving train with a German Suplex

This is one of the most memorable moments from the Final Fantasy games, and probably in video game history as well.



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How did it come to this? Well, according to the Final Fantasy VI wiki,

Phantom Train‘s attacks include the dangerous Diabolic Whistle, which inflicts a random status ailment on each party member; Acid Rain; and Saintly Beam, both of which do mediocre magic damage to the entire party. It will only use Diabolic Whistle regularly if only two party members are alive, so if the player boarded the train with Shadow and keeps all party members healthy, they can avoid the risk.

The Phantom Train is vulnerable to Sabin’s Meteor Strike (called Suplex in the Super Nintendo localization), which is an oddity, as most large enemies and bosses are immune to the attack.

As an undead enemy, the Phantom Train can be easily killed by using nothing more than a Phoenix Down on it.”

I’m pretty sure Sabin would fit really well in the One Piece universe.

Comic by Zac Gorman.

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