Is it really a bad thing that the royal baby is a boy?

I would have never imagine tumblr and twitter would go full retard (and berserk) over the royal baby being a boy…


“Shame about the gender,” is…is this a joke? They don’t want anybody to refer to the baby as a boy, even though it’s biologically a boy? I mean, it’s got a penis! Since when do we refer to babies as males and females? What are they, pets now? What’s this stupid crap about the gender, how are they gonna ask A BABY to decide that right now? All it knows right now is to cry, eat, and poop.

Also, why are so many wishing for it to be gay or transsexual? How did the mother “let down feminism” by having a boy? Why is the baby’s sex and gender so important TO STRANGERS? Honestly, what the hell am I reading? Why are all these people wishing this kind struggle upon the baby?

The weirdest thing about all this is how offended they’re acting of the boy being called, well, a boy. Gay, lesbian, transgender, they are all born male or female, so it’s not a bad thing to say “I had a boy/girl.” Imagine how weird greeting cards would be if they said “It’s a male/female!”

You know what’s funny, I bet you these are the same people who refer to their pets as “he/she,” but they want somebody else’s baby being referred as an “it.” Seriously people, what the hell…


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