Loving my new Samsung Galaxy S4


It’s been about a week since I got my new Samsung Galaxy S4 from T-Mobile, and I’m loving it so far.

Up until a week ago I was using a Huawei Mercury (M886) with Cricket Communications, but after they decided to add the Galaxy S4 to their stock without having a 4G network to back it up, I decided it was time to move on.

I based my decision to switch providers on my brother’s phone, a Samsung Galaxy S2 on T-Mobile as well. His phone pretty much always had better coverage than mine. Right now Cricket’s version of the Galaxy S4 is on sale with an extra 25% off, so it’s at about $429.99, bu I honestly didn’t see the point of buying the Galaxy S4 from Cricket if they don’t offer 4G coverage inĀ  my state, and to make things worse, their GS4 can’t be used with a different carrier.

I wanted the GS4 ever since I happened to see Samsung’s crappy presentation of that phone. The presentation itself was kinda bad, but then the specs were revealed online and I just had to have it, mainly because I’m pretty sure I can use this one for at least 3 years before getting a new phone, IF I really need a new one. I’ve been known to use the same pieces of electronics for years until they become obsolete.

I’m loving the many features this one has, especially the slow motion recording, I’ve been fooling around with that one and it’s pretty neat. Also, so far the battery life has been average. I think the problem most people reported is caused by apps that don’t let the phone go to sleep, so that plus the notifications drain the battery even faster.

The only complaints I have so far are the fact pretty much no app has an exit button, and all the bloatware that came with the phone. I don’t really want to root it until at least 30 days have passed to make sure the phone doesn’t break before that.

So far I’m happy with my purchase and T-Mobile’s service has been alright in my area, at least for the way I use the phone.

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