If you’re gonna exaggerate about your album sales, at least do it right

DJ Khaled, some guy I’ve never heard about, makes up story about how his newest single shut down the iTunes servers, and how he gave Apple “permission” to use stronger servers.


“itoons plis, use moar powrful srvrs, u no we cool n shet.” I can’t believe somebody would lie online…

Seriously, if you’re gonna lie at least try to make it so it’s not so incredibly obvious. What makes things worse is that he apparently “foresaw” this “problem.”


I just can’t get over the “CEO of iTunes” part… From what I found out online, he’s not really that good, and the¬†guy is only famous right now for proposing to Nicky Minaj on MTV. Oh, and it seems he also sounds like a Pokemon, he repeats his name like a million times in each song.

I gave permission to my host to use their most powerful servers for my shenanigans.

BTW, I lost connection to my server as I was typing this…

Via [reddit] and [imgur].

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