The only good thing to come out of the MTV 2013 VMAs

I didn’t watch the MTV Music Video Awards, I was too tired after my weekend shift, but when I woke up I noticed the net was upside down with Miley Cyrus’ performance. But this post has nothing to do with Miley Cyrus making an ass of herself.

The true winner of the night in my book was Lady Gaga. Specifically, her good looking ass. While Miley Cyrus looked absurd trying to “twerk” when he has little to no butt cheeks, Lady Gaga surprised everyone when she changed to her last costume in her live performance of “Applause.” If the video doesn’t load, or gives you an error about not being able to show in your country, look it up on Youtube here.

It’s amazing how hot she can be when she’s not looking like a mental patient.

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