This is just weird: Three different companies advertising about stability using chickens?

Is it possible to have three different companies create three different ads using the same basic idea within months of each other? Was fowl play involved in any way?

I was taking a look at what’s trending on Twitter, and was checking out hashtag #Android, and among the many popular tweets there was one about the new ad for the new LG G2 that explains its optical image stabilization using a chicken.

While it does a good job explaining the OIS, I find it extremely weird that it comes out just a few days after the Mercedes Benz ad, and Fujifilm also uploaded a very similar ad in February. I posted 12 commercials involving chickens a couple of days ago, and these two were among that list.

While the Mercedes Benz commercial is not about a camera, it’s hard to believe this is a coincidence. The biggest coincidence has to be among Fujifilm and LG, I mean, what are the chances of both companies explaining optical image stability using a chicken, and in the same year?

I’m not calling out on anyone here, but this is just too suspicious. I don’t think I’ve seen 3 different companies using the very same idea within months of each other, did they use the same advertising company or something? Or at least I don’t remember ever seeing something like that.

So who came first, the chicken, the chicken, or the chicken?

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