Would you wear this? Adidas Jeremy Scott Zebra and Wings 2.0 Money Sneakers

After Jeremy Scott Originals have featured wings, bears, puddles, the latest pair for the their Fall/Winter collection for men features zebras… and money.

Now, I’m not hating on these; I actually like the Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0. But the Zebra…not so much. Let me start with the Wings 2.0 Money.

Ten years ago, Jeremy Scott and adidas first released his limited-edition money-print sneakers. In celebration of this anniversary, the Wings 2.0 Money shoes flash Jeremy’s hand-sketched money print all over.


I kind of like them, but kind of not entirely like them at the same time. I like them because they remind me of The Flash and Link’s Pegasus Boots in Zelda: A link to the Past. However, they also looked kind of childish. They are for men, but maybe for younger men? I think I would wear them if somebody gave them to me. Also, the money print makes me think of rappers flaunting money. I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody shows up wearing a pair of them in a hip-hop or rap music video.

Now let’s talk about the Jeremy Scott Zebra shoes. I think the picture is self-explanatory.

Journeying deep into the wilds of his imagination, Jeremy Scott brings a heavy hit of Serengeti chic to a retro pair of basketball shoes with these zebra-covered kicks. Ready for a never-ending style safari, these ankle-high mid-tops flash a plush textile upper that imitates the look and feel of black-and-white-striped zebra fur. There’s even a zebra tail on the back to really get you prancing.



Am I the only one who thinks they look like Stompeez in sneaker form? Let me remind you these are men’s shoes, not children’s or women’s. I think the chances of somebody stepping on that tail are pretty high. These are basketball shoes, but I honestly doubt an adult will wear them with pride, unless it’s part of a prank, or a lost bet. I’m not saying they’re horrible, but in all honestly, they’re don’t look like adult men shoes.

Now the question is, would you wear them? Yes? No? Why?

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