WTF: Romanian town wrestle with a 600-pound bull

I’m sure you’ve all seen that animated gif of a bull slamming a traffic cop against the ground, this is the story and video behind it.

Residents in the Romanian town of Braila wrestled with a 600-pound bull in a busy section of town after it escaped from a nearby farm. CCTV footage shows the runaway bull earlier attacking a traffic warden in the middle of a busy intersection as cars pass. The warden was transported to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries, and the animal was eventually caught and returned to its owner. The bull reportedly escaped from a farm in the village of Gemenele and inadvertently wandered into the center of town. It was cornered into an alley where a local veterinarian and workers of the farm from which it had escaped managed to subdue and capture it. Police said an investigation will be launched to determine who was responsible for the animal’s escape from the farm.

Good to know the police officer is doing OK, but I wonder just how that bull escaped from the owner’s farm…did he take a Red Bull?

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