It’s official: The PlayStation 4 is out, and there’s already complaints about it

ps4So the PlayStation 4 is officially out, but it seems many of the folks who got their hands on the pre-launch versions through promotions, like Taco Bell’s, had some issues that appear to be related to a busted HDMI port. Read this reddit post, and this one. Several users got their consoles through the Taco Bell promotion.

Since it’s launch day the PS4 subreddit keeps going down, but I wonder how many more will experience the “no output” problem. One guy reported on another website he even ended up replacing the hard drive, to no avail of course.

When I tried to turn on the console the light on top would turn blue and just keep pulsing, and it didnt output any signal or power to the ds4. When I called the first lady asked me to try turning it off and on, which didnt help, and then she tried to get me to put it into safe mode which just made it turn back off.

The second guy went through the same basic process, then asked me to see if switching tvs would work, which it didnt. There was alot of trying to make sure I was on the right input,lol.

When I turn on my console it just sits there pulsing blue. As far as I can tell it is supposed to turn white but it isn’t doing that. There is no signal on my tv either. I talked to at least 5 tech support people on the phone and 1 on-line. All of them but two outright refused to help me saying that the console is not yet released and they can’t help me. Two of the tech tried to help me boot it up into safe mode and that failed. At that point they both told me to call back Friday.

Here’s a list of links of crashing/bricking issues, and failures. I also would like to say that I was expecting technical problems from the first batch of consoles; it seems to be the norm for both Sony and Microsoft nowadays. Now all there is left to do is wait and see what kind of errors and issues the Xbox One will have, especially considering Microsoft’s console supposedly replaces TV setup boxes and is to be able to stay on all day.

The question now is, is anybody willing to place their money on this version of the PS4 console, or wait for the next batch/version that has worked out most of the kinks? Drop me a comment.

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